Manage your relations with customers from Outlook. With eWay‑CRM

eWay-CRM helps companies efficiently comunicate with customers. And because most of the comunication is done by e-mailing eWay‑CRM is integrated right into Microsoft Outlook. So it can automatically sort e-mails, connect to your calendar and synchronize your contacts.

eWay-CRM has many more features. For example it can connect up to Emailcampaigns.eu...

Manage your relations with customers from Outlook.

Most people use Outlook. They take care of their e-mails, plan meetings and keep their contacts there. With eWay-CRM you give Outlook super powers. It will became full-fledged CRM system which can manage customers, send emails in bulk with Emailcampaigns.eu, manage sales and projects.

Try eWay-CRM for free. For unlimited people and for unlimeted time. You will also get 1 000 credits monthly for service Emailcampaigns.eu.

Emailcampaigns.eu as a
part of eWay-CRM

eWay-CRM is no regular CRM. It has module for mass mailing which is connected to Emailcampaigns.eu.

Thanks to that it can easily filter data right in your CRM and create with them campaigns as you know it.

Make your clients offer, that cannot be resisted.

Give your sales force access to campaign reactions

Who recieved your e-mail? Who opened your e-mail and who clicked on which link? All reactions are automatically synchronized to eWay-CRM and are sorted by individual contacts. When salesperson opens client card they will see that the customer was looking at a product of which he was informed by e-mail.

What about calling that customer and discuss their needs?

Give your sales force tool that can give them edge over competition. Give them eWay-CRM

Know everything
in a hearthbeat

Do multiple people from your company comunicate with one customer? Than you will find handy eWay-CRM for Microsoft 365.

If you click on a e-mail it will show you preview where you will see complete comunication history with person you are comunicating with. You will know in a heathbeat if your co-worker is comunicating with him right now and if so you can cooperate.

It is like being briefed by every co-worker in a matter of seconds.

Automatization with automatic campaigns

Make work at your company easier for everyone and automatize mundane comunication with clients. Inform customers about oncoming time slots for regular services. Invite them automatically for a coffee if you haven't talked in a longer time. Send them automatically exclusive offer when their purchases is set limit.

Improve your efficiency and find things that can eWay-CRM do for you. Use full integration with Emailcampaigns.eu.

Templates, smart mass mailing and link tracking.
We have it all

Transfering to eWay-CRM doesn't mean you will lose features. Emailcampaings.eu are perfectly integrated with eWay-CRM so you can have all the functionality you are used to.

Including our top-class support. So don't wait any longer and try out eWay-CRM. Emailcampaigns.eu are waitng for you in Marketing module.

Inspire others.

Data are most usefull when they are being shared with others. Import your contacts to eWay-CRM and give them to others. Inspire people around you and prepare shared mailing list which can make work easier.

Thanks to shared database you will share most recent data about your clients, their phone numbers or e-mail adresses.

Make the first step and watch how many co-workers will follow you. Make the first step and buy eWay-CRM to your company.

Outlook for teams.

Transform your Outlook in a team tool and install eWay-CRM. Save important emails to contacts, meetings and tasks. Data will be automatically accesible to your co-workers so you will all have the important informations.

Install eWay-CRM and say goodbye to asking who arragned what with client.

That sounds great. Don't you think?

You already know how to use eWay-CRM

eWay-CRM was designed so could start working with it right away. That's why eWay-CRM looks and works exactly like Microsoft Outlook.

If you work with Outlook than with eWay-CRM you will learn within a few minutes. It cannot be easier than that.

Fast e-mail conversion to...

Are you getting your inquiries via e-mail? Right click on them and choose Convert to deal. eWay-CRM will automatically find a customer and prepare everything for you. So you can do it straight away.

Integration with Outlook can do much more than this. What about converting e-mail to task, project or contact? It is so simple.

Try for free.

Sign up for an eWay-CRM account. Free for unlimited people and unlimited time.
Take advantage of our offer and send 1,000 emails every month.

Marketing plans

Choose the most suitable service package according to the number of emails you send and the features available.
up to 50,000 emails per month


To try it out, send up to 1,000 emails per month.

CheckUnlimited contacts
CheckDrag&Drop builder
CheckSPAM score evaluation
CheckAI integration
BulletSmart deliveries
BulletAdvanced statistics


Start your business with the features you need.

CheckUnlimited contacts
CheckDrag&Drop builder
CheckSPAM score evaluation
CheckAI integration
CheckAdvanced statistics
BulletSmart deliveries


Improve your results with professional features.

$53.99/ per month

All Basic features, plus:
CheckGA integration
CheckSmart deliveries
CheckTransaction campaigns


The highest level of security and customized access settings.

All Professional features, plus:
CheckTracking Certificate
CheckDomain Compliance

All prices are VAT excl. VAT will be applied according to local law.



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