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Fully fledged Salesforce integration

Add-on represents fully fledged solution and opens all the profesional email marketing tools and options directly in Salesforce environment, so you do not need to switch to different environments anymore...
Download Sprinx Emailcampaigns from Salesforce AppExchange
Prepare your mail lists through Salesforce reports
Schedule your campaigns comfortly
Drag & Drop editor included
Prepare tempting content easily in Salesforce
Compatible with user roles policy
Get all the results and statistics right into Salesforce
Create automated multi step scenarios

Support & Implementation partner

Anywhere you are, you are not alone. You may love our email campaigns solution but may be you are facing the complexity of running it in Salesforce environment, or just need to know more about the solution itself. That is why we joined forces with pros from Enehano Solutions - top implementation partner of Salesforce.

How can Enehano Solutions help you:

Salesforce implementation
Email campaigns add-on set up and maintenance
Salesforce user & admin training
Salesforce customization and development
Trouble shooting help
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Enehano Solutions

NGOs using our Salesforce add-on

If you are a non-profit organization, feel free to contact us for discounted pricing and terms.
ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors
Mobilní hospic Ondrášek
Oblastní charita Červený kostelec

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